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Why I do this.

When I ask myself, what do I do that makes me truly happy? What are the actions that I conduct in my life that bring me immense joy? This is good spiritual practise because it allows you to understand one of the functions of your Ego. It is important to know how it operates; let’s try it. First I realise, what makes me unhappy, what brings me negative emotion, what feels incredibly sad and stifling. The realisation comes, well, I do not like feeling disconnected or isolated. I do not like watching time tick by without engaging with the world in anyway. In my deepest discontent, I can admit that my unhappiest of moments are when the day has ended and I conclude that I have not learnt anything new at all. That the day has passed me by without any discovery or wonder. Those days are the hardest.

When I first discovered Astrology, and began to get immersed in the co-relation of the Moon and the Ego, it made perfect sense this perception of how I come to this conclusion of polarity. I have a Yin Moon, in the sign of Pisces, a perception that looks within and beyond. In order to define what happiness is to me, I start by confronting what I experience as difficult, sad and frustrating (Moon in the First House). If you look at the position of the Moon, and all of what is making aspects to it, where it is located in the chart, you will know the qualities of how you perceive happiness, you will understand on a esoteric level, why you think what you think, and how in the end it is just one part of who you are. You are what you think, is the cry of the modern intellectual, but if you are telling yourself what you ought to be feeling, you disconnect from the authenticity of your emotional body, which is where the truth of happiness really lies.

I have held workshops where I very strongly believe and therefore teach, that the main source of happiness, that is the expansion of the heart to its full capacity of joyful feeling, comes by examining the Sun. Not as a signifier of what you think happiness is, or how you reflect on the meaning of such happiness in relation to your identity (Moon), It actually is the feeling itself. The one true constant word that is always in synergy with happiness is actually an action, a drive. Can you guess what it is? It is Creativity. When we engage with our outside world in the way we are destined to engage with it, our hearts expand and we fill ourselves with the sheer magic of it. Wether it is solving a complex equation or problem, discovering something for the first time, or teaching someone who has never read a word to read, all of these are founded on one principle: Creativity. Therefore the question becomes, what sort of life do I need to create? What is its expression? It’s colour, shape and sound? You can think abut it all you want, but you only realise it when you create it, a destiny that I assure you will express itself to you in one way or another. You will be driven to it, for the Universe also needs to create through you. If you chose to refer to your energetic map, i.e the birth chart found through Astrology, you will soon understand that this creative expression will be signified by the Sun and the sign and house it was in when you were born. Let me illustrate, I know a a woman who absolutely loves to communicate, she is highly articulate with a great sense of presence and humour. When she can’t work out a problem, she researches and then applies her knowledge or finds someone who does know (Scorpio). She is highly creative when she is able to diversify her creative will (Third House/Gemini), and she is a master delegator due to her perceptive way of being able to understand and support people to do what she envisions (Sun in Scorpio trine Moon in Pisces). This is but one way to understand that what I have mentioned, is an accurate reading of a very real evolutionary cycle that this Soul is in the process of completing. The details on why it has evolved to this present state is why Evolutionary Astrology is so important. It’s not about completion, there is always more to aspire to, for happiness is never a destination but rather an expansion, felt most strongly in the heart. This woman, feels immense joy when she is able to share the abundance she is able to manifest, to her friends, to her co-workers, to anyone that allows her to express herself through conversation, connection and understanding.

I also have the Sun in the third house, and to be able to find a vocation where I could speak and be heard, where I could teach and be taught, where I could have a grounded stage for my spirituality. All of this were but abstractions in my mind and heart prior to coming across Evolutionary Astrology . And so when I asked the world for an answer to who I am destined to be, to give me a definition that I could understand (Gemini/Third House), the cosmos revealed to me Evolutionary Astrology, where meditation, connection, teaching and learning become one. I knew then that within the great volumes of knowledge, within the countless of connections, within my deep contemplations of it all, I would be eternally joyful. And so I have been practising this modality for spiritual and relationship counselling, for personal development, for inner knowing, full time for three years. After a study of nearly 30 years of Western Astrology, which is more than half my lifetime.

So, why do I do this? Because it gives me the opportunity to share the abundance of the knowledge bank that I have kept up to date all these years, and continue to do so due to a relentless thirst to understand the world that I Yet Do Not Know. Because together, we can understand each other, for when I am teaching you, I am learning myself, and because I feel grounded and devoted to the sacredness of the reading, regardless of the doubts and hesitations I may feel in my own personal life. In essence Astrology is, the study of the human psyche, the Soul and its eternal journey to feel joy, to feel wonder, to be an active co-creator of All That There Is. To me, there is no happier place to be than to be with you, and sharing the cosmic threads that you don’t even know you follow, so that your Ego doesn’t overthink them, or doubt them. So that you can follow them in confidence, knowing you desired to have this human experience, with all of its challenges and liberations, so that your heart could expand, and that your creativity could shine forth. For your happiness is also my happiness, that is how I connect, that is how I can create immense joy.

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