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Uranus in Taurus - An Update

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I have always been a humanistic astrologer, that means that my main concern has been what the impact and the manifestation of energy (outer and inner) has on a person. Everything on earth and beyond is made of energy, even the very thoughts in your head are synapses that “fire” from one cell to the next. Energy. Pure and simple. But energy is not linear, because it has no beginning or end. It just has cycles, expansions and reflections. What was once unknown will one day be known. I feel that to be an essential truth of the cosmos.

One of the main player in the current energetic field is Uranus, currently in Taurus (5 degrees). I explained in my previous Uranus post on how to look at this planet as it moves through one of your 12 houses, to see what needs to be liberated within your consciousness. But today I am going to talk about why it is so important to revisit this as a signifier off the current times. To put it simply, Uranus is here to shake things up by addressing the collective human consciousness via its long term memory, and subsequent trauma. It is important to accept that we as a race are used to the shakes, for Earth is not the easiest place to live. And to be human is to exist on “Hard Mode”, which can be better navigated once you realise that you have chosen this path, and testing and learning about your resilience is part of the process we are all learning. You are not alone. Historically and in more recent times, Uranus in Taurus followed the Great Depression (Beginning Phase in 1934) and brought on World War 2. In May 1942, Uranus slipped out Taurus, signalling the first full year of USA intervention. Uranus is not associated with War, let’s be clear about that. But WW2 was a direct result of trauma, and that is a reality we really must pay attention to. A trauma that was based on survival. There are a lot of resources online that describe the economic bondage of post WW1 Germany and Hitler’s own trauma around inadequacy, these facts are there to be reflected upon. So what is the current trauma around survival that is present in the human collective? We are at a time where our resources are being grossly mismanaged. Enter Uranus in Taurus on May 16 2018. A time where we as a whole have been dealing with climate change, over population, drug and mental health crises, socially accepted greed, all as a result of the capitalist ideal which is its biggest flaw. That next year has to be worth more than the last. That this year has to be going up no matter what the cost. I dare say Mother Earth is done footing the bill. Taurus represents our natural rhythms, so I can also say with great certainty, that we have been subscribing to a system that ignores them and sub-sequentially has taught us that we should not be listening much less following them. We need to focus on this, to connect to them. Uranus has momentarily liberated us so we have this opportunity. We had a conjunction at the beginning of 2020 in Capricorn, involving Pluto/Saturn/Jupiter. The catch phrase of the shadow in Capricorn? “The End Justifies the Means” and there is no greater cruelty than one which looks at humanity, like one looks at beads on an abacus. This is the true trauma that needs resolution, liberation. Everyone now thanks to the Internet has a voice, and can be not only educated but conscripted into an ideology. So one of the hurdles to overcome is the acceptance that these are very volatile times where the truth is one step from an emotional subjective backlash. You can say that Neptune in Pisces (2012 - 2025) is responsible for this, but that would be a gross over simplification, the point is that we can’t heal if we are subscribing to hysteria and engaging in the blame game. The truth cannot be found if it’s refusing to be seen. So what is the truth? COVID - 19 does not care who you are (Boris Johnson, Prince Charles), it doesn’t care how much money you have or how important you think you are. Because those things don’t matter. They are not essential to life. So what do you do kind reader? In this time of isolation, sit with your identity, feel its weight and value. Ask yourself; What do I really need in order to honour my survival? What is it that I truly value in my life? What is my unique contribution? How do I envision a greater equality, a stronger connection between me and my community? Because if you declare it, you will realise that you are indispensable here on earth. You matter, and so what you contribute to the world has to be essential, it is quality over quantity. You are irreplaceable. The wave you ride to navigate through life is your truth. Sit with it, embrace it and rediscover it during this opportune time. And manifest healing for all who are affected, and lend your strength to those who are fighting against the great injustices of our time. We all want there to be healing, we all want to have an open dialogue. To support and to be supported. That is the true humanitarian truth. May you also love, and care for yourself. By connecting to and nurturing your own unique light and heart. Blessings to you.

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