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September 17, 2021.

t has been quite a sombre month, quite a lot of pain to really come face to face with. Not emotional but rather physical. Growing older means that the body really does crystallise in some ways and so when things go wrong, in my case I slept in the wrong position, they take longer to heal. I have been meditating a lot about pain, it’s something so many of us have to deal with on a day to day basis. It is easy to focus on the belief that the human existence is nothing but misery, or that the flashes of joy and light within the painful moments is few and far between. It is entirely too easy for that fearful belief to take root in your heart when you are experiencing all sorts of agony. But we must breathe in the reality that we are an adaptable species, we can heal. We are capable of co-creating our reality, and our perception of the world around us plays a huge part on how it can affect us.  We must breathe out negativity and hopelessness. Faith is a strong force in our Universe, mountains have been climbed because of it. It is one of our defining characteristics.

We had an amazing turn out for this month’s workshop, “Jupiter: The Great Benefactor” it was a great discussion on this enormous influence to our energetic system. Jupiter represents our beliefs, our authenticity, our sense of truth and our ever expanding nature. It was great to be able to share and exchange stories on how this has affected and is currently evolving in our lives. As always you can join our mailing list so you can be notified on the next online or face to face workshop. I am leaning very strongly towards a Moon Phase workshop for October. This is because aspects between planets also follow this type of phase cycle, and it’s an interesting layer of the Moon and Aspects I haven’t explored with everyone yet.

On October 19, Jupiter slides out of its retrograde motion and makes its way towards Pisces. Will it be a positive wave of healing? or will it be more delusion and lack of transparency? Only time will tell

With love and light,

Dee Gutierrez
Evolutionary Astrologer

Soul Compass

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