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Saturday 25 May, 2024

The trip to the United Kingdom was incredible, however it has left me silent to you for a couple of months now. The trip being a full 5 weeks, plus coming back dreadfully ill with Covid, and still having to give sessions and engage with housesitting, has taken so much of my time.

In reflection, we can all agree that this has been quite a turbulent period March to May. The North Node in Aries has caused a momentum of conscious action as old wounds (Chiron in Aries) has found a physical push in Mars in Aries (until June 9) to find a resolution. A new path forward from the pain into the unknown is now evident. The lesson integration is now to find the teaching process.


I feel one of the most crucial points I have to express in regards to Mars, is to dispel some myths about this amazing archetype. First of all, not everyone has the disposition to act, there is no guarantee that you will know what to do, or that you will recognise the opportunity to do it. There can be a lot of reasons for this, unresolved fears, etc that the push for action can actually be expressed in paralysis, reckless misdirection, repetitive routine and so on. But when Mars is in Aries, one must take the moment to really connect to any feeling that feels strongly about action or inaction. You can take this moment to meditate to follow the thread of your inner consciousness as it is right now. Frustration, as an example can be a sign that change needs to occur. Repetitive pain, or behaviour can signify that old ways of healing if they have not been working and so may need to change. The energetic push is therefore, to observe, examine, comprehend then to act.

I am currently in Adelaide, South Australia for another 10 days or so before Paul and I make the journey to Melbourne, then Tasmania. As always you are more than welcome to contact me if you would like a reading about your Soul’s Journey (birth chart) or any of the other services I have on my website in regards to Evolutionary Astrology.

With love and light,


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