February 4, 2021.

Transformation takes time. And I personally have been going through so much change, that it feels like I am in a perpetual state of transition. Now as 2021 is steam rolling ahead in front of us all, we must look onto our responsibilities, our outreach and how best we make our selves available for the service and support of others around us. That is what I personally feel is the end goal of personal transformation. How we can be our best selves so we can humanity progress.

Everything that I have been mentioning so far is the direct result of the Saturn/Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius back in December 21 2020. How I tuned into this energy was the realisation that being able to integrate into a community was very important to me. So apart from giving individual sessions online, I have been continuously developing personal development workshops with Soul Pathways. Our global online community is growing and developing all time. And not only do we run Evolutionary Astrology workshops, but all sort of therapeutic and spiritual events that are deeply empowering and transformative.

The theme for February is Conflict, and how we can explore that within ourselves in all of the various ways that it can affect and manifest within us. They are available to anyone on the globe, you just need to be able to access the internet and know how to use Zoom.

Apart from the online workshops Paul and I are going south, down to Milton in New South Wales, to do a few individual sessions down there and to escape the Central Coast for awhile. As always you can always book with me if you would like a reading, these days Zoom works really well since the session can be easily recorded and sent to you, and now you can book with me online!

For more information on our February program please visit SoulPathways.

With love and light,

Dee Gutierrez
Evolutionary Astrologer

Soul Compass

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