March 3, 2021.

One of the main aspects of life is endings. Everything at one stage or another, in order to change must first end. End how it was, so that it can be something new, something more fulfilling. This is a truth that I have emotionally been trying to integrate into my life in the last weeks, and as a Taurus Sun, changes do not come easily. Transition periods are crucial. I have moved from Sydney to the Central Coast, and soon I will be on my way to travelling through the east coast of Australia. Leaving a long term relationship, the safety net of family and long time friends to live a completely new life, well that has been a long time coming. It’s finally here, no turning back. A full-time committed life of service to Spirit and the larger global community is what I am seeking. 

For the generation born from 1970 - 1984, that is those who are born with Neptune in the sign of Sagittarius, we have all been experiencing a Neptune in Pisces square since 2012 and will continue to do so till 2025. Some more strongly than others depending on the degree. This Pisces season, as the Sun illuminates all that Pisces dreams about, it’s a good time to focus on this square and what this means for you. Neptune is in Pisces and will form a conjunction with the Sun on March 11, alongside Venus. Let’s meditate on that. What are your dreams? What is your divine inspiration? Can you name it? Call it? Form a relationship with it? Release all that is preventing you to walk the talk, so you can walk along a path which inspires and fills you with pure authentic wonder.

This month, I will be in Canberra from March 13 - March 16, 2021. So anyone who wishes a one on one session with me in person can do so! Also this March, I will be facilitating alongside Paul, two Astrology workshops. I am toying with some ideas, but if you have any particular theme in mind, drop me a line!

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With love and light,

Dee Gutierrez
Evolutionary Astrologer

Soul Compass

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