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Wednesday 23 March, 2022

I have always felt like an outsider. Ever since I was born I was very much aware that I was a very different type of Soul. I had a Rolodex of ever changing interests, the odd was wonderful, and nature seemed limitless. I yearned for freedom, at the same time I was terrified of it. This is normal when you grow up in a very strict household, where freedom meant being out of the control of the matriarch. I have to admit that I was very much under the impression that whatever my mother told me about the outside world that it was true. Well, as it turns out, my yearning for the diverse has allowed me to dissolve that old belief. Not one Soul knows everything, and just because someone performs a lie so well, it doesn’t mean it’s true. Life needs to be discovered, and those who have the Moon in the first house have to experience that first hand. This is an evolutionary necessity. Courage is there to be integrated by these Souls, the Ascendant is the driving conditioning force that encourages this courage.


I have an Aquarius rising and yes I am different, in this lifetime it was to objectify my differences, to be proud of them and to stand by them. I can sense the world as threads, and I know at my core, that waiting for happiness is a fool’s errand, better grab one thread and see where it goes. Happiness is not a destination, but rather the way you dance as you step, day by day, minute by minute - as a true unique Soul.

I am back travelling, I have been in so many places just in the last month or so. But am going to be in Canberra for about two weeks. Aside from my sessions which I do online, which you are welcome to book, I will also be editing and typesetting Paul’s book “Journey of Hope”. Perhaps it will enable more projects to be finished! The stars sure are aligned for that to happen!

Happy Equinox and remember the eternal wish of the Ram, to be free, to be me, to believe.

Blessings everyone,

Dee Gutierrez
Evolutionary Astrologer

Soul Compass

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