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COVID - 19 Impact. April - ? 2020

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These pandemic cycles are part of human history. It is our collective response that will determine our fate. As it has done so before, and will do so again.

I have found myself taking a big pause, and I feel that a lot of people are, waiting to see just exactly how this is going to impact their lives.

But what I really wonder is how this is going to impact the world and it’s consciousness.

Soul Compass is going into a period where online content, and presence will be nurtured. I have always favoured to be in the same space with my clients, but times they are changing.

With my business partner Paul Williamson, we will continue to be available through Skype for sessions, and in the weeks to come we will create an online program so that what we offer can also be made available during this time.

I always see possibility, opportunity. For faith is the energy behind courage. We have to be here for each other in every and any way possible.

With love and light,

Dee Gutierrez
Soul Compass Director

Evolutionary Astrologer