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Wednesday 28 February 2024

What a fantastic show, thank you so much Brisbane. The energy that we experienced, and the results of the sessions and readings were mutually beneficial.

But you know, not everything in life goes the way we plan. I have become very connected to that truth in the past month. So if the plan has to change, its advised to have another one in its place. However, not having a plan is also okay. Sometimes we need to grieve our losses.

I feel that when I sigh and smooth over my feelings over disappointments, the Universe still lights up the road in front of me. Its so crucial to have the strength to look up, and see beyond your own perceived suffering. The world is a very big place.

I am hoping for a good show in the Sunshine Coast, I have not had the chance to really be very active in that area in awhile, and so it would be good to see how many people show interest in Evolutionary Astrology. It’s a bit of a whirlwind, since then we pack up and head towards Sydney for the Mind Body Spirit Festival, and once that is completed, we hop on a plane towards London and beyond to Greater United Kingdom.

To be able to help people who wish for my help, who want to engage with me and with my guides via the avenue of Astrology and Tarot. That is the plan, let’s see how the Universe will play that out.

A note on transits of February, we are all still riding that liberating wave, letting us feed us information on what we need in order to thrive. Some of us are taking action, but others are still arguing inside themselves if that is truly what they need, or if its worth the risk.
We are living in a time where risk is favourable. I know it doesn’t feel like that, because everyone fears change. If you could silence everyone, and listen to the beat of your own heart, you already know what to do. During this time, all change will lead to some treasure, perhaps not now, but definitely soon enough.

With love and light,


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