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Sunday 3 July, 2022

In this little corner of the Universe, one Astrologer is still here, still healing, still keeping still. The last three months have been quite intensive in terms of really connecting with the humanity of my work, and the humility that I am integrating when encountering story after story of soul evolution. Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast - four areas in the East coast where I have had the privilege of working and healing with some truly sovereign beings, for they, have dared to express one universal truth - that there is always something new to know, something to strive for and that it’s through its unknown nature that makes it hard to define what it is, but that the desire to know it exists and therefore it must be honoured.

To be able to assist in that, through one modality from the many, is a very beautiful thing.
Soon, I will be moving to a space in the Orana region of New South Wales, in a beautiful rural setting, taking care of 3 lovely cats. For 2 months, Paul and I will concentrate on project work - that is, to start some, finish some and plan future projects. I’m really looking forward to more online workshops, as well as adding some tour dates to this website, adding more blog posts and content and so on.

I plan for one of the workshops to be about the Nodes in Transit, especially since there will be a conjunction of Mars/Uranus/North Node in Taurus in late July of 2022. And two more workshops, the topics I'm still thinking about, however, I will be opening the discussion of what that will be in the next weeks.

Change always looks different, that’s the point of change. So to criticise it, to wish for it to conform to the old, is a direct disservice to the function of change. As my guide Sash always tells me, See, Understand, Embrace.


Blessings to all,


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