April 4, 2020.

Are you alright? At home, all safe, feeling calm?

These times for me, are intensely interesting as they are terrifying. My soul has brought up past life memories of war, primarily of both world wars, quite a few times during the past following weeks. And what I can gather is that it is the uncertainty that is causing my spiritual tension. Because this is what we are facing. A global war against an unseen enemy.

This inner spiritual tension, had to be released by going deeply within. What my guides communicated to me was a very liberating message: The Earth is buying us time.
Time for us to connect to our true selves, so that we can then recognise this deep shift of vibrational energy and rise up to greet it. A new level of crown chakra vibration, that enables a wider opening of our third eye.

I have been closely looking at the Astrology that is in the cosmos right now, and I am sensing that due to the suppression of the Capricorn/Cancer axis archetype in our society, Pluto is not going to leave Capricorn quietly. Pluto is due to leave Capricorn in 2023, when it enter Aquarius.

Before the liberation, sit tight. Authority never gives up its power quietly. Especially when they have not learnt or faced, the Cancer opposition: Care, Love and Nurture your people.

My individual evolutionary astrology sessions are now at a reduced rate for all, and I also offer concessions depending on circumstance. Please feel free to reach out if you need to.

With love and light,

Dee Gutierrez
Evolutionary Astrologer

Soul Compass

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