Birth Chart Reading

1 - 2 Hrs | $AU80 per Hr

Using the Evolutionary Astrology method, this reading will center around your current Soul Journey; Where it has been, what is it's current purpose is and what evolutionary trajectory it wishes to follow. It will reveal in detail the challenges/harmonic energy available to you in this current evolutionary pathway.


Relationship Reading

1 - 2 Hrs | $AU80 per Hr

If someone is in your life, whether family, friend or partner this service can uncover the karmic connections on why you have been brought together to share a common path. It is recommended that you book a birth chart reading beforehand so that the focus is based on your souls' perspective.


Transit Reading

1 - 2 Hrs | $AU80 per Hr

Before requesting this reading, you must previously have had a Birth Chart reading with Dee, this is to ensure that you have digested the spiritual starting point of your Soul. This transit reading can either be a Solar Return/Progression chart reading or a planetary Transit report up to one year ahead.


Tarot Card Reading

1 Hr | $AU100 Session

A 10 card (Celtic Cross) profound reading, rich in spiritual counseling. Please note that this session is only available on site and in person, for it it my belief that your energy, transmuted onto the cards, is what enables them to speak directly to your query. This session is facilitated by the Rider-Waite deck.