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Celebrating "Yin"

In the aftermath of International Women's Day. I feel this day was a declaration of celebrating Humanity. Because female energy, that is "Yin" exists in every soul on this earth.

Discriminating Women is negating Yin energy, that is which is reflective, encompassing, integrating. It is an act of oppression against that which nurtures, listens and responds. Our world is more than just an outward expression, a logical explanation, a reaction.

This world needs both to balance a perspective that is human, that is not gender biased. But rather one which is a holistic viewpoint of all of our individual energies. As Alan Watts once said "You are a function of what the whole universe is doing in the same way that a wave is a function of what the whole ocean is doing."

The whole has been divided on a perceived line that does not exist.

In Astrology, Yin is expressed in all Earth and Water signs. These elemental energies are present in your birth chart, for some quite strongly, for others not so much but they are there. If you ever see a Taurus man, who is slowly eating his sandwich while looking out to a parkland, ask him what he is thinking. He will truthfully say "Nothing" because he wasn't actively making thoughts. More than likely he was deeply reflecting on his day, perhaps attributing meaning to why that spot attracted his vision, maybe it reminded him of his childhood. Maybe the warm sunny day made him glad to be alive. The sandwich tasted good. He was glad he treated himself.

A Virgo woman may be looking at the most complicated logical sequence of numbers, she isn't reaching for her calculator or looking through her mental library of available formulas. No, she is carefully looking for a pattern, an inconsistency, for she is reflecting on the nature of the part needed to be adjusted. Before she could act on solving the problem she had to analyse the reason for it's malfunction.

Emotions, once regarded solely in the wheelhouse of women, the "weakness of hysteria" has been a limiting excuse on why oppression still exists. Women simply care too much to be logical. Easily debunked, just ask a Cancer man why he works in NASA, or a Pisces man why he is a travelling photographer. It's because they have an emotional investment in their vocations, they care very much about what they contribute to humanity. That is why the Cancer male wipes a tear away from the relief of a successful project taking off, months of his work finally manifested. A Pisces man who fortunately captures the frailties or the wonder of our Earth and all those who inhabit it, will feel divinely guided, he will feel he is facilitating in telling our story. He will feel connected to his work and it will be what will drive him.

Yin energy is what attributes to meaning of why we act, create and reason. Yin cannot exist without Yang, such as Yang cannot exist without Yin.

Women everywhere stand alongside Men in this human experience. Let us love and support each other, for we truly all are made from the same stardust.

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