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Elemental Foundations: Water-Yin

The emotional body is one that is instantly understood from birth, for we are all able to express, on varying levels, the emotional impulses that come from being nurtured, being acknowledged and being loved, as well as the emotional withdrawals which come from the lack of these exterior exchanges. Water is the reflective energy that we use to make the links between our outer experiences and our inner selves. For the emotional body is where the most profound experiences are processed, and is where true evolution and growth occurs.

We start the Zodiac with the emotional body of the self, the Ego. We become aware of the Ego, via our feelings and turn them into emotions. This process is how we develop our relationship with our Ego, and how we show our Ego to others. It is a reflection on how we have been nurtured, protected and defined by our emotions. For instance, it is the Cancer archetype that checks itself for broken bones after a ski accident, who shouts the loudest for their team at the last inning, and who good naturally bosses their team around to make sure they meet a deadline. It is the emotional investment of their own sense of self, so whether they are a mother or an airplane pilot, the sense of emotion that comes from duty of care or emotional attachment is still the same. Being aware of the need to have a personal sense of inner security is a course of action, it is a motivational force, and yet it only moves people after the reflective state; how does this make me feel? Emotions, that is feelings which have been internalised and integrated into the soul need a way for the conscious mind to access it, and this is where the archetype of Scorpio comes into being. There is great power within the flow of Scorpio, it seeps deep into the subconscious, feeling through the cracks the weak spots of its own psyche. But not just weakness, it also is very much aware of its great sense of power, unique abilities and derives great confidence from the emotional currents it accesses from its desires and finds great motivation from it. And because it has practiced, observed through the profound feelings of their own psychology it can gather great insight into the psychology and emotional body of the other.

The interplay of emotions between people is not the same as relating, it is much deeper than that, it is a committed action of trust and acknowledgement which follows the very interesting, and rocky journey of the Soul, within this current experience that will eventually end. And there is always something within us, that knows that eventually our bodies will give way to spirit and we will die, we will cease to be the person that we learnt to love and accept. And it is the surrender of this body, the acceptance of the totality of who we were that Pisces flows into the makeup of our emotional body. Pisces is the wholeness of spirit, of faith and love, it is expressed in the soul’s yearning, in the need for acceptance and in the need to believe. Pisces moves in the abstractions of emotions, because spirit is not something that can be seen, touched or rationalise. It can only be felt, and in the ever demanding nature of our modern world, this abstraction can become an addictive need to grasp it, to understand it, because to surrender seems so frightening. Pisces is a loving energy of absolution, of coming face to face to the mass emotional body of the Universe and accepting its love through surrender.

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