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The Nodal Conscious Shift (Transit)

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

As I write this, the South Node in Scorpio is at 15 degrees, and that is where it sits for all of us here on Earth. How do you interpret this? Well if you remember the previous blog spot, the first step to decoding this rests in the nature of your Moon. It is the Moon that understand these shifts of conscious awareness, and responds according. That means tuning in to your emotional body. This varies from person to person and is a whole other topic. However the bottom line is, first know yourself, and know how you presently engage with the world around you.

The transiting Nodal Axis represents the shift of the collective. And we must first look onto the South Node first to see what part of our collective evolution is going to be highlighted to move forward from. In order to move forward we must find our resolve to take the first steps. Scorpio is in the realm of our emotional attachments, and one of the things that Scorpio struggles with in terms of archetypical evolution is Trust. This is a big hurdle, probably one of the biggest because it can become iron clad and difficult to shift. But it’s not just trust, but also psychological fears, traumas, pathological behaviour, emotional insecurities, and so on. This is the deep seated resistance because it has manifested from a need to survive, and a belief that anything out of its control will create chaos and death. We don’t need to discuss the collective’s history (both past and present) with these themes, we are all very familiar with them and we know that emotional extremities can cause emotional and physical chaos. It is the underlying dark story of humankind. We can all agree that there is a lot of healing to be done in order for all of us to find empowerment past this darkness. It’s not just courage, it is the taking back of one’s own personal and collective power. This is the present landscape of the Ukrainian War and the threat of a Nuclear catastrophe, the suppression of Iranian women, the cry for economic reform and the ongoing cycles of predators being held to the light, forced to admit their manipulations and sexual abuse regardless of their privileged position. This is the shift that is trying to occur, and it is rocking the boat by unearthing all of the exterior influences which keeps this karmic train going. But underneath it all, there is a point of resolution, which we will talk about in a moment.

So if we have understood the collective resistance to power, trust and fear. It is important to note that definition is important here, resistance for the Scorpio archetype is fixed, it means holding on, hence the term that comes up again again - emotional attachment. To move past the fear, and towards a solution means you are empowering yourself by removing the emotional attachment you have to what is causing you and others pain.

We as Souls are experiencing this energy in our own personal lives, and in varying degree. For some, it’s a nagging worry that if they say yes to a strange request, they are opening themselves up for exploitation, betrayal or catastrophe. For others, they have this intense insecurity that if they seize the power to do what is best for them, they will pay for it in one way or another. They have an emotiona attachment to the belief of not being good enough, and of course good things happen only to good people. So if they try, and because they are inherently sinful, they will fail. And the list goes on, and it's all reflected in the individual’s chart using Evolutionary Astrology for they highlight the pathways towards a solution, and it is walking these pathways that you will grow as a Soul.

At some point the need to stop, breathe and collect ourselves becomes a method to regroup from this intensity. Just like one prepares for a long hike, to ensure they have the right resources for their own individual limitations. This is the North Node in Taurus telling us we need to find an independent centre. A form of providing for ourselves what we need in order to steady ourselves. Taurus doesn’t care about what is in the mind, the what ifs or could be, Taurus only cares about the practical reality of right now, and how it can form a grounded position, the best position it has the resources to find. In the collective we can see how this is playing out, although the theme of security and self sufficiency are the loudest trumpets.

But in a personal conscious shift, the way Taurus calls for reflection and for healing is to go through the physical body. And it will be your body that will respond to the way you emotionally are “triggered” by the collective fear that is around us, in the airwaves and on the street. Your body will force you to slow down and find your position. When you are losing your balance, you need to reclaim it. What do you need? Love? Nurture? Freedom? But these needs will require an empowered position, and that means to really commit (Scorpio keywords here). Because if you shut down every new thing in your life because you are just reacting to this imbalance, your body will react back so that you can sit in reality once again, only this time the needs become more basic. What do you need? Stillness, Food, Affection, Rest. Until you can be stable enough to move forward.

Look at where the transiting North Node in Taurus sits in your chart, and this is where the body will respond. As an example, I have this North Node Taurus currently in my 3rd house, in opposition to my natal Uranus in Scorpio. The South Node Scorpio therefore is in a balsamic conjunction to my natal Uranus in the 9th house. (the Uranus/Uranus opposition has been a very amazing and terrifying experience which I will write about soon). The Moon in Pisces is the go-between to this, the narrative that tells this story as it engages with it.

We all have fears, insecurities and psychological challenges. For this current signature that I am living, giving a voice (3H) to these is crucial, to question them (3H) and to work through them by grounding (NN Taurus) them. If they are insecurities, ask the right questions and release the emotional attachment (SN Scorpio) to the belief (9H) that it must be wrong, that my emotional attachment to my fears says differently (Uranus/SN balsamic conjunction). But what is truly right? The belief inside you that the sky is purple, or by looking up at the sky and recognising that is truly is blue? This is the work of the 3rd and 9th house respectively, to ask questions, gather the information, and to define ones authentic truth. It is not easy, because fear is powerful, but not so more powerful than love. And how it is working inside you, will be your own unique journey until mid July 2023.

If you can find your peace, then you are contributing peace to the World. And if you can empower yourself, and live the best life that you can so you can overcome your psychological barriers, then you are contributing positive empowerment to the world.


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