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Elemental Foundations: Earth-Yin

The material plane, bound by the laws of our Universe, complete with physical boundaries which occur as energy condenses into matter - all lie within the elemental force of Earth. This energy evolves into the actualisation of making something tangible, of honouring natural order and of managing all of what is, so that is continues to be, are all found in the deep reflective energy of the earth signs; Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

The earth signs all approach the material world in very distinct ways, however the commonality lies in that they are always relating back to themselves what can be learnt by their environment. Taurus, is the first reflection that there is pushback and limitations by their surroundings, and therefore there is a fixation on what makes up their environment, and what they can use to push past these limitations in order to survive. As Earth, Taurus reflects on the tangible qualities of natural materials, and through deep reflection can use their creativity to create practical solutions that their need for survival dictates. For example, the Taurus energy is the one that feels the grain of a log and can visualise how to make a chair to ensure that the ground does not wear their clothing. Earth becomes lighter in expression when it reaches Virgo, but only because it is now reflecting on the boundaries of thought and how it is expressed in the material world. Mental energy manifests itself as concepts, in the analysis of the environment and the grounded Virgo energy is what can find the link between the idea and the practical application.

Ideas within society can be found everywhere, and there is a natural ability of Virgo to be aware of these ideas, ponder on them, so that it can adjust them for the form and function of usability and purpose. From dismantling a radio transmitter to figure out how it works, to adjusting it so that it can work with more fidelity is a good example of this energy in action. When we look at the known material world as a whole, the earth and all its nations, with all its people and all its existing ecosystems, societies and industries. We recognise a natural hierarchy that defines individual steps. These stages in order for them to function and for them to evolve, need to be accepted and become known. But they need to be created as they are conquered, and this is the earth element as it moves along Capricorn. The position is to be assessed within the environment, and for the limitations of personal and societal growth to be challenged, not just accepted. Due to the reflective nature of the grounding earth element, Capricorns can easily accept the step they fall into, but their nature is to keep exploring these steps, further and further up the natural hierarchy so that they do not crystallise, earth here meets action and becomes ambition.

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