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Elemental Foundations: Air-Yang

As individual beings, we are quite aware that we are seperate from everything that is outside our skin. And this process of awareness happens in our minds, in our thoughts and words that define, relate and find our abstract place in the whole scheme of the human experience. We can trace how Air flows in the Zodiac by how we give meaning to the mental process that evolves within us in time, and as it is expressed via Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

In Gemini, this mental energy focuses on defining, relating the outside world and all of its experiences via the speech of definition. For example, that is different to me, because that is a tree and I am a human woman. Air relays information, and in Gemini, this information comes from knowledge and from the communication of this knowledge, to know itself in all of the different ways it is, and it isn’t. What it knows, and what it doesn’t know. But because air flows, it expands beyond the self, and as it moves along the Zodiac it eventually becomes challenged and intrigued by the Other. This other individual has also been moving along this same path of self awareness, therefore has their own way of knowing and of thinking. Different to the self, and it is through the exchange of ideas, debate and diplomacy that air is expressed via Libra.

All Air is yang, it is about the awareness of thought as it relates to the outside world, in Libra it’s about relating to other individuals. The main concern here is to learn how to exchange the inner values and needs between individuals, to form bonds that offer support, trust and who mirror and cherish our sense of self worth. From individual connections, we can form communities, we can create ideologies, and that is when Air breathes through Aquarius. Mental process here is about how do we accept and express our abstract individuality, and at the same time share that individuality with others? Air here is concerned in finding the common ground, to first define who they are, and then to find where they can find their place within a community. Where the individuality of many can form a united whole, for it is in the differences that offer solutions. There may be a need to find a common ground, but for Aquarius the only common ground is that we are all members of the human race. Smaller sectors may focus on agreeable ways of life, ideologies or support networks, but the evolutionary trajectory is still the same, there are individuals that have something to offer, that only they can offer it, and therefore they are all needed.

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