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Venus: Relating from the Heart (Part 1)

Venus is a dualistic archetype, that is one that reflects inwardly and expresses outwardly. This means that you need to relate in an authentic and true way to yourself before you can engage with others, because how you relate to yourself is how you attract the way others relate to you. If we engage with ourselves in a negative way, that is we self judge, indulge in our paranoias or are basically self defeating, this has a huge impact on the way our energy is projected to other people. How we relate to ourselves is the beautiful energy generated between our mind and our heart, that projects outwardly when we begin to connect to others.

The inward relating to the self is governed by the reflective nature of Taurus. Yin energy, looking within. All of us have different needs in life in order to find contentment and satisfaction. Needs that fill our heart with a subjective emotion that resonates deeply and fills us with joy, and it is what we all gravitate towards, in order to find meaning we wish to fulfill that what we need in order to find peace and happiness. When these needs are met we feel them in the body, the light heartedness, the deep seated fulfillment that completely relaxes the body, or in whatever way it is expressed in you, as we are all unique living beings. Needs are separate from desires, and in this modern society have I never witnessed so much confusion between the two. Needs are governed by you, and are fully capable in being fulfilled by you. In fact most needs in life can only be fulfilled by you. We desire what we cannot readily have, a need does not have the luxury of wistfulness, it needs to be met in order for wellness to occur.

If we allow ourselves some time now to close our eyes and look within for the answer to this vital question.

Breath in, Breathe out

Turn your attention inwards

and with an open heart ask yourself

What do I need in order to feel content?

To feel happy

At peace?

Wait for the impressions to come, they may come as thoughts, feelings, visuals, whatever they may be. It will help you on your journey if you articulate them, have them defined.

Using Astrology we can look at the Venus archetype in the chart and simply state; Well it is indicative that as a Venus in Aries you need freedom to be yourself. And everything that you have stated in your piece of paper may be the complete opposite. Let’s suppose you said to be Loved. That implies a union, a sharing of a life together with another person. That means that there several pieces of this puzzle missing, and this is why cookbook astrology does not work. When Venus is relating inwardly who is she listening to? The answer for most human beings is our inner narrative, that is our Ego, which is represented by our Moon sign. If you felt within you a need to be Loved as a Venus in Aries, and a Moon in Pisces, is this not a relationship that unifies love to one’s own identity? Did this need not arise from a lack of self love? self acceptance?

I have said it before that it is a strong belief among EA astrologers that the ego cannot be ignored as a human incarnate, the Soul has needed to create this ego as a way of perceiving and emotionally integrating the reality of this human experience. We can push forward the Neptune/Pisces connection and talk about receiving and giving spiritual love, but that is another conversation. This is a discussion about how we inwardly relate to ourselves via our Venus/Moon signs and is indicative of the natural sextile that occurs between Taurus and Cancer.

To reiterate, the Moon is representative of the emotional body, which is governed by the inner narrative that is in our Mind/Ego/Persona. Sometimes this can get warped in childhood or in early development, how? Because our parents are fallible humans and may not have had the understanding of what our emotional needs were, perhaps they just concentrated on the physical, or projected their own needs onto us. This can record an inner narrative that is represented in the shadow side of the Moon sign. For example, I had a client in Hobart who had a very conflicting Capricorn/Cancer dynamic with her Moon. She was constantly worried that she would fail at life, her inner narrative would tell her that no matter what she did, it was never going to amount to anything, that she was never prepared enough, that she could never get it right. This is the exact narrative that was given to her by her mother, when all she needed as a child, having a Moon in Cancer, was to be nurtured, held, and loved and above all else, to be defined as someone who could receive love unconditionally because she was someone’s daughter. So if this is the inner narrative of the Moon, where does Venus fit into all of this? In the chart Venus is what listens and therefore responds to this inner narrative. This client had a tense Moon dynamic that was listened to by a Venus in Virgo. She not only criticised herself constantly, but she attracted partners that were also critical of her. And the more she felt criticised the more of a failure she felt, so it was this endless loop! I advised her that she was someone who needed to listen to her inner narrative in a more analytical way. Virgo energy is still earth energy, it needs to know the reality of the situation, through analysis one can pinpoint what is truly happening rather than the bias of internalisation. Analysis can bring to light the realise that this inner narrative doesn’t belong to her but rather to her mother. She had no evidence that all she did was fail at life, or that she was any less unlovable because things didn’t work out. In life one has to record over this inner narrative if we feel it no longer serves us. How does one evolve and relate to oneself better? By looking at the evolutionary pathway of Venus. All planets have a path, and it’s from going to one polarity to the next. The opposite of Virgo is Pisces. In order to act upon this narrative for healing, the client had to practice Pisces energy in how she related to herself, and what is that? Self forgiveness, compassion, acceptance and to engage with unconditional love, the love she had for herself and for her children. It’s alright if things didn’t work out the way she had envisioned, her body and mind survived the ordeal, and in fact was able to glean something from the experience, she has after all tried her best and that if she truly wanted to make something happen she had to understand that it takes time, perseverance and all of those Capricorn lessons that needed to be kindly taught, rather than berated.

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