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Uranus in Taurus: Going Back to Nature

It’s come to my attention, the cry of Uranus in Taurus. Maybe perhaps its because it’s currently sitting on my Sun, and will be for quite some time, but I think it’s a cry that anyone currently inhabiting the Earth is hearing. So what is it saying?

Outer planets are quite the mystery to the layman astrologer. We are conditioned to sense with our senses, via the inner personal planets (Mercury through to Saturn), but Uranus is a force that functions on our Soul level, outside our immediate consciousness, therefore it’s an energy that needs attunement and focus in order to understand how it functions within us. It is centralised in the higher function of our minds, in the long term memory of our Soul, and therefore symbolises deep knowledge, sensitive awareness, and tangled trauma. When it is transiting, this is often seen as a liberating force, but it can also be incredibly confrontational.

In transit and without tuning in to it, Uranus sits in a house or two, maybe on a planet or stellium and starts to question the established awareness of those archetypes. This questioning comes either through you personally or via your environment, but it does come. Awareness is always growing within us, it is the Soul’s first function of evolution; This is what I’ve learnt, this is what it means, this is how I have responded, this is what I believe. This is a personal and assimilated understanding of life using a mental function, and it is always in motion, pushing us forward with curious questions to find new ways of seeing, and even when it feels that we have seen all that we need to see, something new comes into the peripheral field. But us humans can limit our awareness, we can become stuck, rejecting innovation, all that is unfamiliar, and becomes rigid and fixed, our heads permanently facing backwards. There are souls who are functioning with Ego firmly at the wheel, and are not aligned with growing their awareness, even when they have full capacity to do so. Uranus transits confronts this conditioning and if there is no attunement to yield to a new way of awareness, it can attack the nervous system, the energy field, creating sensitivity to force the Soul to look beyond of what it wants to see. But we all have free will, and are all the driving our path, we don’t have to look if we don’t want to. And unfortunately many don’t. Some will say then that the energy stagnates in the mind, creating wormholes of negative thoughts, becoming absorbed by the body and causing all sorts of ailments. However, I will leave that to you to decide, to see if you have proof to back that claim!

Of course, because Uranus functions through the long term memory of the soul, the energy can and does trigger trauma, causing disruptions that force the Soul to look inwards, with the desire to liberate from the conditioning of our long term memories, but ultimately it is the context of the individual that declares the independence successful or not. Our inner child trauma, the humiliations of adolescence, the repression of our sexual nature, all of these do form mental cages that need the key that Uranian insights can give us.

Uranus doesn’t just function internally, it can also cause radical change in the environment, causing the known to shift into the new gear, of the unknown in order to assimilate new awareness. But you can attune to this, through mental intuition. Uranus works in flashes of insight, signals that if listened to can point you a more authentic and aligned reality. So how can you attune to it? Or if you have a strong Uranian signature in your natal chart how have you been attuning to it? How has it manifested in your life? What light turned on for you as you surveyed your environment, how have you assimilated a new way of seeing, of being, of knowing?

Uranus right now is 4 degrees Taurus, it will be moving back and forth within this constellation for the next 7 years, so in order to answer those questions we have to look and see where Taurus resides in your natal chart. For me, the Third House contains the first 28 degrees of Taurus, this is also where the planetary configuration of the Sun (TAU 1) conjunct Chiron (TAU 8) also sit. As Uranus is transiting my Sun; life force, sense of self, expressive nature, it is also triggering the wound of Chiron; my lack of self belief, confidence and self love. Since Uranus has been touching this natal aspect, I have gone through a series of past life regressions, finding the root of this wound. And have gone through a transformative period of healing in my life. Uranus brought into peripheral vision someone who could help me with this inner work via therapy, via communicating (3H) out loud the deep seated trauma that lay within my soul, surfacing confronting topics like unable to accept catastrophic mistakes, feelings of crushing failures, and releasing the guilt of forced disempowerment. However it took action to say yes, to take the leap of faith, of recognising that there was work to be done, to give energy to this old wound in order to heal it.

But what is the encompassing theme of this transit? Taurus rules self sufficiency, survival, all of the senses, and most importantly our needs. In my personal case, I needed to heal in order to move forward in my life with confidence, healing the wounds of inadequacy. So when you are looking at your own chart as you meditate this energy into your awareness, realise that it will be sudden, it will be a flash of insight, and that your acceptance has to be just as quick in response. This energy will require you to tap into your needs, to your own idea of survival. Do you need what has narrowed your vision or sense of self in your life? Even if you do not have any planets in Taurus, you may have most of the degrees in let’s say the 7H, so Uranus here will confront how you have been relating to other people. Do you need the relationships that have become routine in your life? That do not offer growth? Do you need someone that stimulates your energetic field to make you feel things that you have never felt before? Don’t be surprised if Uranus brings someone into your life to make you feel this way! Maybe you thought that you needed your partner in order to survive, and maybe you are starting to think that perhaps you don’t. Widen the perception net and see what Uranus can show you, and it might surprise you what you can find.

But it’s not just on a personal level that you can use this energy to gain more awareness, Uranus is in Taurus is also affecting us globally. And this is where the “cry” metaphor comes in. Putting my head to the earth directly, listening to her rumbles, and witnessing the furrowed brows and wringing of hands of her inhabitants, I have sensed that there is a new stronger sensitivity, a very fresh awareness rising up from people and gaining momentum. We have known of climate change, of the dangers of pollution, of the vast damage that is been inflicted on the earth day in and day out, for years now, way before Uranus entered Taurus. It’s pretty hard to ignore especially if you have been to any major city. So what’s new?

Due to the insurgence of communication via the internet (a Uranian innovation), more and more people are getting together, and realising a crucial truth that can no longer we buried in the sand. Scientists have come forward, new information has come to light. We don’t have the time that we thought we had. We as human beings, are making the planet inhabitable for ourselves and for our children. The environment, where Taurus grazes is becoming less and less naturally accessible. We are boxing ourselves inside artificial environments because the earth’s resources are being distributed in an unsustainable way. The earth’s love for us, her children, is for the first time brought into question. Our survival is now on the pulse of the human consciousness. What will we do about it? What will this awareness bring? One of the things that I have noticed in my life is the complete release of things that I no longer need. And the realisation that I do not need much in order to survive. The focus has shifted into what truly nourishes me, and my soul on a deep level. Taurus when positively aligned is self sufficient, engaged with the environment, connected to the foundations of life. Uranus wants to liberate the world where this awareness has collective trauma, where the Ego and it’s collective have imprisoned us in an artificial chamber. This is a cry to return to our roots, to live with the rhythms of nature because our very survival depends on it.

The current economical system which relies on the exploitation of the Earth will have to go through a revolution, but there will be resistance. That is why more and more people are waking up and rebelling against consumerism. But the system has already done severe damage, and for some waking up isn’t providing the alternative that they seek. They have questions, they demand answers. In the next 7 years, we shall see what Uranus will provide to the collective, what innovation will it give so that our survival on this beautiful planet is sustainable? There is a lot of love to give to the Earth, and the children are out there giving it to her. Planting trees, demanding answers from governments, more and more towns going green. It’s not a trend, it’s an Uranian cry for a revolution.

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