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Soul Exploration Workshop - Melbourne

On June 16 2019, Paul and I led a workshop in North Carlton, Melbourne. This was Annie’s home/shop front’s debut as a collective space, “Tea with Annie” and the warmth from her house really added so much to the experience. It’s been a long time coming, me writing about this day, however the powerful transformations, illuminations and insights of the day really still are very much in my mind and heart, and so, with no time like the present, let’s see what makes this workshop so special.

Both Paul and I have merged our disciplines into something quite unique here in Australia; Evolutionary Astrology and Past Life Regression. The premise of reincarnation is the common denominator, and this philosophy states that our souls obey the same natural law as the cosmos, for the soul is an energetic vibration, and therefore, does not dissipate, but rather transfigures into different experiences. And therefore our Soul history is quite vast, and varied. The Universe has a lot more imagination than we give it credit for, and we can’t just assume that our own history is linear. And yet, there is one thing that feels right, that the Soul’s awareness grows with each incarnation, it has no choice but to assimilate more understanding of its existence.

So when we look at a natal chart, we can see karmic signatures, we can see the challenges it wants to confront, the patterns it wants to change, and the strength it wants to manifest. In this workshop we unite this with Regression to focus on these archetypes, to witness your Soul history unfold, from where this desire to evolve in the current human experience has come from, and with rituals we can affirm the lessons apparent in this life. We can heal from any trauma that repeated patterns can bring, to finally release them and to gather strength that it’s okay to charter more freeing waters. It is a deep, healing and beautiful experience, to really get to know yourself on a Soul level. For you are on a journey, to find out more what it’s like to be human, from the slice of cosmic perspective that is the Unique You.


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