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Melbourne, June 1 - June 19 2019

Just looking at my calendar this morning I realised that I needed to be quite methodical in how I document this year. The sheer monumental task of going to Manchester and London in May completely overtook my mind and I didn't think how amazing it would be to actually write about it - to document it in some way. Sadly, I believe the time to authentically document it has passed, and so I am sitting here in another city that is not my home, but one that I love just the same. Chilly but warming Melbourne, and there is so much work to do here, but which I have been steadily working through. The Moon is currently closing her light around Cancer, with tomorrow it shining into Leo, which excites me in a way. More creative energy, more chances to shine. Let's look at what Melbourne is bringing us:

Melbourne Mind Body Spirit Festival - June 7 to June 10 #MBSFestival #Melbourne #festival #pastlife

I will be managing Paul Williamson's Past Life Stall, please come by and say hello! The sessions are still 20 minutes long for $50, and if you have never experienced regression this is a wonderful introduction to the magic of going within and experiencing an important part of your Soul history. Past Life Evening - Thursday 13 June #hypnotherapy #regression #group #meditation Join Paul as he leads a group of like minded people, just as yourself! Paul will aim to teach more about past lives and how they benefit you in your current life by connecting you with your spiritual self. The event will be held in Carlton North, Melbourne, each ticket costs $40 and you can get them here. I'll be there too, and I will probably participate!

The Moon and Self Care - Friday 14 June

I'm so happy to bring this workshop to Melbourne! I had such a great time in Manchester where I ran it for the first time, and the response all around was very positive, with everyone enthralled and fascinated with the accurate portrayal of their inner selves. Once we know our inner voice, we can recognise the negative as well as the positive narratives, so we can take care of our emotional bodies with a much deeper sensitivity and with self love. This is an intimate group, not many spaces available and each ticket costs $60 and you can get them here. This workshop will be held at Tea with Annie, same location as the Past Life evening.

I am hoping to meet new people to do readings with in Melbourne, and to make new contacts and friends. I ask of the Universe to aid in me in my service, and if you are still reading, kind reader, you are very free to book a session with me if you want to know what the stars say about you and your cosmology.

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