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Moon in Taurus

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I recently got asked the question, what does a Moon in Taurus mean? Google is of no help! And I got to thinking about how Astrology really has such a strange place in consumerist culture. We want the answer to the question, but do we really know the implications of the answer? Knowing the Moon sign, and just the sign, is only significant to the way the inner narrative, that is the self image, the ego dynamic manifests in the person. That is a loaded sentence, that is quite the meaning. We can’t actually bite size this down, and we need to have an open discussion on what those things mean. We have a voice, in our minds, that engages with the world, that gives emotion to every experience. We relate to this voice, these thoughts and give it an identity: It’s our self image, and the emotions that are born out of our thoughts, engagements, history and values all become the projected image of our Soul: Our Ego. We would very much like to believe that the reality of our ego is our true self, because it’s real. Our tears, laughter, frustrations and inner reflections mean so much, but in order to truly understand the complexity of who we are, we have to accept that it’s a perceived reality. And we have the power to change the relationship with ourselves once we understand the basis of who we are.

In Astrology, the Moon Sign is like the sponge cake layer of a cake, a foundation. If you have a Moon in Taurus, your inner narrative is reflective in nature, it is sensitive. There is a quiet sense of aesthetic, because the self image is one that is perceptive to their senses. This is someone who loves to enjoy themselves, pleasure is relished via the eyes, the skin, the ears, and so on. This ego responds, it cannot ignore when experiencing anything that is putrid, grotesque or ill to the touch. Why is this? Because the underlying theme of the Moon in Taurus, is that of survival, of understanding deeply that their happiness comes from being self sufficient. There is no time to suffer anything that threatens this security. What does the security need? Whatever that is, the Moon in Taurus knows what they need, it is something ingrained in them, as they go about life, greeting little habits that cement to them the reality of being truly alive. It can manifest in pleasure, work, loyalty, craftsmanship, but it will constant, steadfast, like a steady heartbeat.

Another word for this Moon is a realists, they need their feet firmly on the ground, any idea you give them needs to be weighed in their mind, mulled over until they fully understand it, and then it has to have a practical application. Any attribute that you can give this Moon, will always link back to their needs, are they balanced? enjoyed? Do they have moments when they can reflect on their needs and give emotion to them? Watch a Moon in Taurus enjoy a glass of wine after a long day, they will truly savour it, it is their reward, and it better be top shelf (or the nicest they can afford). They will allow themselves to be lost in the moment, of releasing the tension. But this is just one layer of the emotional body, a foundation but we are increasingly complex beings.

The Moon sign is familiar to the person, they have known this inner self since they became self conscious. But there is something that is unfamiliar, which is how do they express this inner self to the environment? It relies on the environment doesn’t it? Family dynamics, cultural expectations, societal pressures. And so there are astrological tendencies, for one, what house does is sit in? A Moon in Taurus in the 1st house will be vastly different to one that sits in the 9th, but this house system indicates how the person’s emotional body reacts to their environment, how they will integrate with it, and what they need to learn from it. This is why the accuracy of your birth time is so important, another layer of you revealed.

Then of course there is another element, how the energy flows within a person, which can signify challenges, emotional knots so to speak, or they can signify articulacy of expression, untapped talents, points of conscious release. A Moon in Taurus trine Uranus in Capricorn, will express their emotions with a different flow than, let’s say if the same Moon squared Pluto in Scorpio. This is where the true art and science of Astrology really blend, like alchemy and why it is a subject that requires years of study, practise and dedication.

So what does it mean if someone you have just met has a Moon in Taurus? It always depends on meeting, but in never fails to ground yourself in their presence and to just let them enjoy the reality of you.

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