Dee is an Evolutionary Astrologer, who has been studying and practising astrology for over 25 years. Taught by an eccentric Sagittarius Western Astrologer at age 14, on how to cast a chart from scratch, how to recognise the psychological archetypes of the Zodiac, and how to read the Tarot, Dee kept her private practise very much under wraps. Much later when introduced to the world of soul and energy work, Dee came to the teachings of Jeff Wolfe Green and Evolutionary Astrology. And all of the sudden, the potential of Astrology went far beyond “Who you Are” but shifted to “Why you are, and Where you are Evolving To”. An electrifying experience that needed to be shared, explored not just within Sydney, Australia. But to the whole world.

Ever since 2018, Dee has been working closely with individual clients, as well as facilitating workshops all over Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She has seven wonderful Spiritual Guides who are working closely with her for her own development and in service to others.

“Ultimately, the aim of my services is to counsel and aid you in engaging with your own true desires, inclinations, purpose and challenges.

This will benefit your own personal evolution and give you the opportunity to enact you own process of self awareness which will ultimately guide you in discovering and resonating with your place in the Universe."