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Dee is an Evolutionary Astrologer, who has been studying and practising astrology for over 25 years. By applying the Evolutionary Astrology paradigm to the charts of those closest to her and witnessing the accuracy in which life paths were revealed, Dee saw an avenue to which aid people in their quest for self discovery, to give an insight not only to their psyche but to their own soul purpose, giving a richer meaning to their life through their own empowerment process. Dee believes that the answer lies in the energy bestowed and expressed in your Soul, and therefore you have the creative power to move forward, to be the architect of your own pathways.

Dee has been working closely with individual clients, as well as facilitating workshops all over Australia, New Zealand and the UK. She has seven wonderful Spiritual Guides who are working closely with her for her own development and in service to others.

“Ultimately, the aim of my services is to counsel and aid you in engaging with your own true desires, inclinations, purpose and challenges.

This will benefit your own personal evolution and give you the opportunity to enact you own process of self awareness which will ultimately guide you in discovering and resonating with your place in the Universe."